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Celebrating a milestone – 30+ practice-changing reviews by Canadian clinicians

by Deanna McLeod on September 10, 2019

Kaleidoscope Strategic is excited to have reached an important milestone of supporting 30+ Canadian-led practice-changing publications. As an oncology publication firm that supports clinicians in developing high-impact oncology publications that promote discovery and advance care, the impact of these Canadian efforts has made a difference, both in Canada and internationally.

Pan-Canadian peer-reviewed publications are key to advancing discovery and improving patient care

Well-published, evidence-based, peer-reviewed publications that contextualize study outcomes and provide practical clinical guidance are among the most powerful tools for advancing discovery and maintaining current standards of care. Preparation of pan-Canadian reviews are integral to this process, yet can be challenging due to the time and expertise required, the absence of a national supporting infrastructure, and the multiple demands placed on clinician’s time. A lack of timely evidence-based recommendations can result in disparities in access to care, and delays in the adoption of breakthrough therapies. A national support framework that facilitates inter-provincial collaboration and provides research and editorial expertise is needed to produce and publish timely evidence-based recommendations.

More publications means real change for patients

Our Oncology expertise extends to all major tumor types and includes in-depth knowledge of all treatment modalities as well the foremost immunotherapy and targeted therapy. The KS team of researchers, medical writers, project managers and publication strategists as well as our refined publication development process guides publication development from concept through peer-review and leverages the limited time of clinicians for the greatest possible impact. Over the years we have grown steadily in our ability to support clinicians in developing clinically relevant and scientifically rigorous publications. In the first half of 2019, we supported seven peer-reviewed articles and hit a milestone of a total of 30+ publications all the while raising the average journal impact factor of strategically supported articles from 2.5 to 11.

Suggest a review paper topic that will advance discovery and improve patient care

None of this would be possible without our extensive network of collaborators; the clinicians who direct and guide each publication and the industry partners that provide the unrestricted educational grants needed to fund the development process. From concept development to research, writing to submission, Kaleidoscope Strategic is committed to improving the quantity and impact of Canadian publications. Help us reach our new goal of supporting 50 publications by 2025 by suggesting a review topic.

“I have worked with KS for over 5 years! With their research, editorial and project management support my colleagues and I were able to publish 5 credible, practice-changing peer-reviewed publications that have improved standards of care for lung cancer both nationally and internationally. They are professional, dedicated and exacting in their handling of Oncology data. Thank you KS for helping with our publications!”– Dr. Barbara Melosky

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